"It's somewhere between drawing and flying a kite," artist Richard Hogg tells me.

It's hard to explain what Hohokum is, but Hogg's description might just be the most apt. Launching today for the PlayStation 4 and Vita, Hohokum is a weird and wonderful world developed by British studio Honeyslug with Hogg providing whimsical, colorful art. You play as a sort of flying, technicolor snake let loose in a world that feels like one giant toy — in one moment you're helping serve drinks at an underground wedding, in another you're darting about a forest made of floating trees.

There are no explicit goals as you play. Instead, Hohokum feels like a combination of a virtual toy and an amazing audiovisual spectacle. Not only can you hang out in Hogg's vibrant animated world, but you also get to listen to a soundtrack provided by Ghostly International, the record label behind electronic artists like Tycho and Shigeto. It's strange and you won't always know what's happening — but that's the point. "I actually quite like that people seem to engage with it on that level where they don't know what's going on," says Hogg, "but they're enjoying playing a game where they don't know what's going on."