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Peel for iPhone now controls your DirectTV or Dish box without any extra hardware

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Wi-Fi kills the IR blaster

DirecTV and Dish Network customers will no longer need to purchase additional hardware before they can make use of the Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide iOS app. The company today announced an update which will enable the service to communicate directly with a set-top box via a Wi-Fi connection.

Users will require at least an iPhone 4S running iOS 7 in order to access the software's more advanced features. And while currently only Dish and DirecTV subscribers will benefit from these changes, Peel aims to expand its service to include other cable and satellite operators. The company claims to have accrued over 80 million users across the world since launching in 2009. On top of providing the same functions as an archaic remote control, Peel's signature app can also assist in creating calendar reminders, recording programs on the DVR, and providing recommendations based on existing viewing habits.