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Yo now has some features

Yo now has some features


Profiles, hashtags, and a list of things you can actually do

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Yo, the minimalist messaging app that sends nothing but "Yo" alerts to your friends, has launched its first major update for iOS. How do you improve on an app that does nearly nothing? Well, in version 1.1 you're now able to edit your own profile to include a photo and your real name, which should make contact lists more readable. There's a useful-sounding feature that lets you Yo a link when it's saved to your clipboard. There's also a less useful-sounding feature that lets you send a Yo to a hashtag and see how many other users have Yo'd it. You can see the most popular hashtags at

But the final new addition is a clear step towards Yo's plans to become a central hub for all sorts of notifications. The Yo Index is a list of applications and services already using Yo with a quick description of what they're for; it includes the IFTTT support, the monitoring system for missile strikes in Israel, and more. If Yo is ever to take off and become something functional enough to justify its $10 million valuation, this directory of things it can actually do will be essential for new users.