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New iPad with 'anti-reflection' display reportedly coming soon

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Apple is beginning production on refreshes for its iPad lines, according to Bloomberg News. While that news is hardly unexpected, the publication has a few details on what to expect from the new devices. Citing sources familiar with Apple's plans, Bloomberg says "the larger iPad" (likely the iPad Air), will include an "anti-reflection coating" that makes the display easier to read. It's unclear what exactly this might be, but in the past Apple has used similar terminology to describe its anti-glare laminated displays, which are already present in the iPhone and iMac. Rival tablets like Microsoft's Surface also include laminated displays.

Elsewhere in the report, Bloomberg says the iPad mini will also be refreshed, but does not comment if the anti-reflection coating is coming to the smaller device. It also reiterates existing rumors saying that a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone are currently in production, with a launch expected this fall.