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Manchester United's tablet ban brings an end to annoying iPad selfies

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Large electronics banned at Old Trafford


Manchester United, one of the world’s most valuable soccer clubs, is banning the use of iPads and laptops at its stadium this season. "Large electronic devices including laptops and tablets will be added to the existing list of prohibited items for matchdays at Old Trafford," reads a statement from the club, noting that it’s "reacting to the latest security intelligence" in a similar way to UK and US airports. Any electronic device that’s larger than 150mm x 100mm will be banned, and Manchester United specifically notes this includes iPads and iPad minis.

The move is similar to an iPad ban by the New York Yankees in 2010, but the American baseball team eventually reversed its policy two years later. Smartphones and small cameras are still permitted inside Old Trafford stadium, so fans will be able to record every Wayne Rooney goal or snap a picture of new manager Louis van Gaal. The good news is that tablets won’t be obscuring the view from the stands, so no more irritating iPad selfies while you’re watching Manchester United battle with Tottenham for a Europa League spot.