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New Xbox One bundles include two new designs and more storage

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Microsoft is preparing two new Xbox One bundles ready for the holiday season. A white Xbox One console, previously reserved just for Microsoft employees, will be available later this year bundled with Sunset Overdrive. Microsoft had previously teased the bundle, but it's official today and available on October 28th for $399 without Kinect.

The second bundle, revealed today at Gamescom, is a special Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare edition. Unlike recent bundles for Madden 15 and Forza, the Call of Duty bundle comes with a specially designed console, controller, and a copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It's also the first Xbox One console to feature 1TB of storage, an increase over the normal 500GB included in existing versions. Priced at $499, the Xbox One Call of Duty bundle will arrive on November 3rd without Kinect.

Call of Duty console

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