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The entire 'Veronica Mars' cast to reunite for online spinoff

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In addition to a movie that brought fans back to the world of Veronica Marsseries creator Rob Thomas also promised a new spinoff series that would eventually air on the CW's online network, CW Seed. Now, BuzzFeed reports that the entire cast of the the original series will return in Play It Again, Dick, a winking meta-comedy involving the actors playing skewed versions of themselves.

Thomas originally described the new web series as having "more in common with Party Down tonally" than the darker original series, and, by the sound of it, will blend plenty of fan service with meta commentary on the starring characters a la Curb Your Enthusiasm. The show will star Ryan Hansen, playing both a fictionalized version of himself and scummy frat boy Dick Casablancas, as he tries to capitalize on the renewed success of the series. Series stars Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, and other will all appear to play double roles, but all to comedic effect. Play It Again, Dick will premiere the week of September 15th, so be sure to check it out.