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Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima are making a new 'Silent Hill' game

Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima are making a new 'Silent Hill' game


Actor Norman Reedus will star in the tenth game in the horror series

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Director Guillermo Del Toro and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima are teaming up to make a new Silent Hill video game. The tenth game in the long-running horror franchise, apparently named Silent Hills, will also feature The Walking Dead and The Boondock Saints star Norman Reedus in the main role.

Silent Hills was announced by way of a PlayStation 4 interactive teaser demo called P.T. that hit the PlayStation Store earlier today. The short teaser asks players to navigate a darkened building while it bombards them with oddities, including weird radio transmissions and a small creature that looks like a sentient kidney taking shallow breaths in a bloodstained sink. The demo closes with the player seemingly escaping the building, whereupon the camera pans up to show an abandoned city, the names of its co-creators, and the virtual likeness of actor Norman Reedus.

You can play the game's teaser demo now on PS4

The reveal seems to suggest, as with the first games in the series, that Silent Hills will take place in an empty and decaying city. The P.T. teaser is short, restrictive, and cryptic enough that it doesn't offer more details easily, but the game's environments look impressively grim and grimy. Silent Hills is being developed by Kojima's own development studio, Kojima Productions, and will be built with Fox Engine — the same powerful next-gen technology used to make Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the upcoming Phantom Pain look so visually crisp.

Silent Hill publisher Konami was reported to be chasing Hideo Kojima for a new Silent Hill game in 2012. The game developer, well-known for his Metal Gear Solid series and his status as one of gaming's few auteur creators, responded positively to the requests, saying that although he was a "scaredy-cat when it came to horror movies," Silent Hill had a certain atmosphere that he'd "love to help continue." For the moment, it's not clear exactly what both he and del Toro's role will be on the game, but Kojima has already stamped his mark on the project with its unorthodox announcement. The developer has used a similarly eccentric approach to reveal games in the past, inventing fake companies and employing a man wearing bandages over his face to show off Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain for the first time in 2012.