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Despite reports, no one tried to use Siri to hide a body

Despite reports, no one tried to use Siri to hide a body


Murder suspect's iPhone was an iPhone 4, which did not have the virtual assistant

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Earlier today, it seemed that someone may have actually asked Siri how to hide a body, and meant it. The Independent reported that 20-year-old murder suspect Pedro Bravo had told his iPhone, "I need to my hide my roommate." He allegedly committed the crime following an argument with Christian Aguilar, who was dating Bravo's ex-girlfriend. But Bravo's attorney is disputing those events, saying Bravo's phone only had the picture saved on his device, and didn't necessarily perform the search. What's more, it appears Bravo owned an iPhone 4, not a 4S, the version where Siri first appeared.

US authorities said they discovered location data contradicting the suspect's testimony in regards to his location during the time of the incident. Additionally, it was determined that Bravo used his phone's flash light nine times. The Independent cites police as saying Bravo used the function while attempting to conceal the deceased's body.

In the past, Siri provided suggestions as to where to deposit a corpse, although that recently changed to something more evasive.

Update: This post has been rewritten to include new information on the case, including the type of phone the suspect owned.

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