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Motorola sends invites to a launch event for phones, headsets, and the Moto 360

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Every choice is a new adventure

We're waiting for a few things from Motorola: the 360 smartwatch, the successor to the Moto X, and anything else the company soon to be owned by Lenovo might have to show us. And on September 4th, we're going to get at least a glimpse. Motorola has just sent out invites to press to "a Moto Launch Experience," complete with a Cootie Catcher that opens up to reveal the phrases "Choose To Discover" and "Choose to Have Fun." (Apparently choice is important to Motorola. Who knew?) When it closes, there are four icons: A phone with an X in the middle, a phone with a G, a watch, and what appears to be a Bluetooth headset.

This isn't exactly the most secretive invite we've ever seen. We're apparently going to see two phones, the 360, and a headset of some kind. But exactly what will be revealed September 4th in Chicago, and we'll be there with all the details.

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