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YouTube's redesigned TV app puts focus on channels and playlists

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Today YouTube announced it's rolling out a new TV interface that's specifically been "designed for the big screen." The updated app is already available on Xbox One, and should be available for other set-top boxes in the very near future. Based on a quick glance, it's a bit strange for YouTube to say the new look was specifically designed for the television; it's really just a new sidebar that nearly identical to the one iOS and Android users are used to.

But it does succeed in making your channels and subscribed playlists easier to get to, which is a welcome change. Underneath the sidebar, YouTube still looks very similar to what was there before. But the focus here is clearly playlists and getting videos from the site's most popular publishers in front of more eyeballs. And from the looks of it, YouTube's new TV app should do a decent job accomplishing that.