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Toyota makes another beautiful 'Gran Turismo' supercar

You can't buy an FT-1 — yet

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Earlier this year, Toyota created the gorgeous FT-1 for "Vision Gran Turismo," an ongoing series of concept cars designed by real-world car companies and design studios in collaboration with Sony's Polyphony Digital for the release of Gran Turismo 6. The high-performance sports car was widely believed to be a teaser for a reboot of the Supra, a legendary franchise for Toyota that last saw production in 2002.

Those rumors are louder than ever this week now that Toyota has revealed a second version of the FT-1 that it describes as a more "sophisticated" and "premium" take on the original, painted in a dark silver in place of the bright, sporty red seen before. Both versions look fantastic.

While there's no word on production, the new FT-1 will be available as an in-game download in Gran Turismo 6 next month, along with a high-performance track model called the FT-1 Vision GT seen in the video below. If Toyota doesn't find a way to produce the FT-1 as a real vehicle, it'll be missing a big opportunity to inject emotional design into a brand best known for its practicality.