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Here's what it looks like to make music on a giant touchscreen for thousands of people

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Deadmau5 revealed late last year that he was working on some sort of live performance system involving Microsoft's giant Perceptive Pixel touch displays, and now the EDM superstar has given a little taste of what it's actually like to use the system on stage while on tour in Europe:

Most of us will never know what it's like to manipulate glowing cubes in real time to the delight of an enormous mass of humanity, but it looks like something you might do in the Tron universe. Here's a teaser from last October where Deadmau5 appears to configure some controls on a blank Perceptive Pixel canvas:

It may not be any less complicated than working traditional keyboards, turntables, mixers, sound machines, and racks of effects, but it looks a lot more fun.