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'Dark Dungeons' movie shows the sexier side of D&D

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Full movie can be purchased for $5

Once upon a time, there lived people who were so convinced that Dungeons & Dragons was evil that they came up with cautionary material like this comic, which illustrates the destructive consequences of the hobby. Years later, filmmakers decided to take the next logical step and create a tongue-in-cheek Dark Dungeons: The Movie adaptation.

Who knew that nerds could be so roguishly enticing?

The results are hilarious. Debbie and Marcie are two fresh-faced college students who want nothing more than to save souls, but they quickly find themselves confronted by the "exotic and sinister" temptations of tabletop role-playing games. Dark Dungeons hits the perfect amount of cheese with its dramatic lines and over-the-top glamorization of the RPG community. Here, gaming enthusiasts are clad in black leather, thigh-high boots, and cocksure smirks that would make David Bowie proud. Who knew that nerds could be so roguishly enticing?

You can watch the first eight minutes of this wonderfully silly production for free. The full movie can be purchased from the official Dark Dungeons site and will only set you back $5.