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Xbox One's new media player is perfect for watching torrents

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DLNA and MKV support included

Microsoft announced its plans to bring a standalone media player to Xbox One earlier this week, and now the company is previewing some of its new features. A dashboard update for Xbox One preview users is rolling out in preparation for the media player app beta, with some of the new social and TV features. While the media player isn’t available just yet, Microsoft is demonstrating how it works in a preview video.

The media player, a highly requested feature, supports local files from USB and network media players through DLNA. Both of these features will allow Xbox One owners to download content like movies, TV shows, or music and stream them directly to the console or play them from a USB stick. Microsoft is improving its support of essential video and audio codecs with the Xbox One, allowing owners to watch DivX, Xvids, MKVs, and even animated GIFs. It’s perfect for those with network-attached storage (NAS) full of MKVs that might have been acquired from BitTorrent sites.