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Warner Bros. is pretending 'Edge of Tomorrow' has a cooler name because it bombed in theaters

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This summer's sci-fi action flick Edge of Tomorrow was pretty widely received as a legitimately good summer blockbuster, but for one reason or another it did pretty terribly at the box office. Now, as the movie heads on-demand and onto DVD and Blu-ray, Warner Bros. is trying a new strategy to boost sales: it's basically pretending that the film has a different, cooler name. On iTunes, the film is actually listed as Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, and the DVD cover hides the name at the very bottom in favor of displaying the tagline "Live Die Repeat" in huge letters.

If you're keeping track, this is basically the movie's third name

That's not to say that the movie has actually been retitled — SlashFilm reports that Warner Bros. is still referring to it as Edge elsewhere — but this is a pretty brutal recognition of how poorly the film did in theaters. (In the US, it reportedly saw less than $100 million, which is not a good figure beside its reported $178 million production budget.) Warner Bros. seemed to know even before Edge hit theaters that it was in trouble, though. Even then, ads were positioning the film's "Live Die Repeat" tagline more prominently than its title, which is fine but uninspiring. Edge actually saw a true title change before its release too, being renamed from the edgier but more confusing title All You Need Is Kill, which only further goes to show how much of a struggle it's been to properly market this thing.

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