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EE now lets people pay to skip the wait when calling customer service

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No one likes waiting on the phone for customer support. It's always a miserable experience, and EE thinks it's one customers will pay money to avoid. The UK carrier now offers callers the option of forking over 50 pence (roughly $0.83 USD) to jump ahead of everyone else waiting to speak with a representative. And what does that money go towards? Improving EE's customer service, of course. It will help the company open more support lines and thus, in a perfect world, cut down the wait for everyone — whether they're paying to cut the whole line or not.

But it's a questionable approach any way you look at it. Just think about the complaints and outrage that would result if Verizon Wireless, AT&T, or any other major US carrier were to pull a similar stunt. That's not to say EE's customers aren't speaking up; the priority system has been in place for a week, and people are already voicing resentment towards the penny-pinching idea on social media. And keep in mind that unlike in the US, customer support calls to EE sometimes aren't toll-free. So theoretically it wouldn't be hard to wind up paying twice just to have someone answer a question. That's service.

The Kevin Bacon line is in reference to this, if you were wondering.