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Bill Gates wins the Ice Bucket Challenge with ridiculous machine

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Mark Zuckerberg laid down the challenge, and Bill Gates has answered: he's taken a bucket of ice water over the head in the name of charity. Gates is the latest major name in the tech industry to join the quickly growing roster of people who have completed the Ice Bucket Challenge, which involves daring someone to either get soaked or donate money to a charity focused on Lou Gehrig's Disease — or more likely, do both.

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Gates' video is easily the most impressive that we've seen, showing him accepting the challenge and building a rig to soak himself. There are also some fun touches to it, from Gates' obvious use of a Surface to the blueprints he's making using Comic Sans. Gates also chooses some fun names to pass the challenge on to — out of all of them, we're most looking forward to seeing whether Elon Musk answers the call.

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