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Steve Ballmer takes the Ice Bucket Challenge without any developers, developers, developers

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates might have already won the Ice Bucket Challenge with an amazingly geeky contraption, but that’s not stopping former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer from dunking himself in the name of charity. Ballmer took to his rarely used Twitter account to reveal his own Ice Bucket Challenge, and his new "SteveBClippers" YouTube account. Ballmer might have just bought the LA Clippers NBA team for $2 billion recently, but there was no sign of Clippy or even his trademark developers, developers, developers chant.

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Ballmer’s relaxed, or you could call it retired, attempt is just the latest in a growing number of tech executives who have completed the Ice Bucket Challenge, which involves daring someone to either get soaked or donate money to a charity focused on Lou Gehrig's Disease. Ballmer has nominated Hal Wright, LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers, and TV football analyst Rick Neuheisel.