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Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence probably wish this 'Buffy' parody never hit the web

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When parodies go wrong, they go horribly wrong. That's probably why you've never heard of Not Another High School Show. Comedy Central ordered a pilot of the show in 2006 as a spin off of 2001's Not Another Teen Movie, and it disappeared soon after its 2007 premiere. Now you can see why: it's pretty awful.

A few chopped together clips of the cringe-worthy pilot have made its way online for you to suffer through. Community star Alison Brie plays, erm, Muffy The Vampire Slayer, and a pre-Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence makes an appearance just in time to get hit on by the school janitor. If you're looking for more, a second clip uploaded several years ago is available as well. See if you crack a smile.