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Apple takes Emmy award with 2013's 'Misunderstood' Christmas ad

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One of the more heartwarming television spots from last year, "Misunderstood" was a 90-second ad in which a kid — seemingly too preoccupied with his iPhone 5S to engage with his family gathered for the holiday — is later revealed to have been working on a movie about the event. It likely brought tears to a few eyes when it ran, and those tears are paying off: as Adweek reports, it just took home a Creative Arts Emmy over the weekend for Outstanding Commercial. Under the direction of ad agency TBWA, "Misunderstood" won out over competition from GE, Nike, and Budweiser, which had two nominations.

With the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6 and (in all likelihood) some sort of wearable, the pressure's going to be on for Cupertino to deliver another spellbinding spot going into 2014's holiday shopping season. See the other nominations below: