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Uber Germany back in business after court suspends the ban in Berlin

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The presiding judge of Berlin's administrative court has overturned a ban on Uber put in place by the Berlin State Department of Civil and Regulatory affairs four days ago. That ban shut down Uber citing safety concerns. Uber can now operate legally, although it seems likely that the legal wrangling is far from over. This follows the pattern Uber has been through in cities around the globe, with overlapping agencies and incumbent industries jockeying to allow or outlaw the transportation app.

Uber Germany's general manager, Fabien Nestmann, said in a statement reported by Techcrunch: "This is good news for the great people of Berlin and the thousands of German citizens already benefitting from Uber’s great services. We’re delighted to continue to bring our fresh and new ride-sharing service UberPOP plus our licensed limo service, UberBlack, to Berlin and other cities in Germany, as we challenge the old policies that were written before the smartphone was even invented. Uber’s number one priority is safety and we would like to underline that every driver on the Uber platform is insured. Today’s news supports freedom of choice and progress, as Uber seeks to bring better, safer, and cheaper transport options to everyone."