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Tumblr to let your images get scanned for #brands

Tumblr to let your images get scanned for #brands

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If you're the sort of person who's constantly posting photos containing #brands on social media, you might want to be aware that Tumblr wants to help companies track you. Companies attempting to understand customer sentiment for their #brand is nothing new, but a new deal between Tumblr and Ditto Labs will go deeper by analyzing photos posted to to the blog network instead of just text. As Mashable reports, the scans won't be used to present you with advertising "right now." Instead, Ditto and Tumblr will be collecting information for these #brands to help their companies learn how people feel about them.

Several big #brands have already utilized Ditto's services, including Cadillac, Coke, and Kraft. The users who are the unwitting source of the #brand demographic and sentiment research, however, are probably not going to be receiving renumeration.

Update and correction: Rather than Tumblr directly scanning your images and collecting this information, it's actually just making its images available to Ditto for analysis in a "firehose partnership." In the press release, Ditto Labs CEO David Rose wrote "No other technology can read brand information inside of pictures at a social-scale." The company claims the ability to find "brand images inside of the 5 billion public photos people share weekly."