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The sequel to Flappy Bird is called Swing Copters

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Coming this week for free

It looks like Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has decided to come back after deciding his maddening bird-murder simulation was too addictiveTouch Arcade says his followup to Flappy Bird is called Swing Copters, and it's due out on Thursday of this week. The game will be free to play with a small ad, or you can pay a dollar to remove the ad if you're feeling generous.

There is a tiny bit of weirdness here: in May, Nguyen teased another new game with a screenshot that doesn't have much to do with the video above. Touch Arcade has a solid reputation, though, so we'll see what's up when Swing Copters actually hits — and if Nguyen can recapture the surge of popularity that made him pull Flappy Bird in the first place.