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Steve Ballmer's introduction as the LA Clippers' new owner is perfect

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Today is the Clippers Fan Festival in Los Angeles, which means it's the first chance fans have to welcome former Microsoft CEO and all-around super excitable guy Steve Ballmer as their new owner. Ballmer made, well, quite an entrance.

Eminem's "Lose Yourself" seems just astoundingly appropriate for this occasion.

After high-fiving presumably every single Clippers fan in attendance, and after a couple of jokes from Clippers coach Doc Rivers, Ballmer took the stage at the Staples Center to introduce himself as the new owner. There was yelling. And excitement about the Clippers. And cheers about Larry. And then a lot of yelling. Steve Ballmer is a lot of things, but above all he's a fan. He's going to be a fun owner.

The whole video is worth a watch (Ballmer's bit starts at about 2:46:00), and one thing is for sure – today's a good day to be a Clippers fan. Even the players seem psyched. Even though Steve Ballmer could unquestionably beat up every player in the NBA.