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Email, right guys? Some love it. Some hate it. Some are trying to replace it. But the fact is, we all use it. And since early 2013, Mailbox has been the fastest way to manage it, but it’s only worked on iPhone and Android. Today, however, Mailbox for Mac is finally available in beta (direct link), and it offers a taste of how email might feel if it weren’t bound by the age-old technologies underpinning it. All current Mailbox users will soon receive an email with a “beta coin” that unlocks the app. (Everybody else will have to sign up for access on MailboxApp.com and wait a few weeks.)

The app still has its fair share of bugs, but since I began testing it a few weeks ago, I’ve only rarely returned to Gmail. In fact, it’s almost as if Gmail doesn’t exist at all.

More importantly, in actual usage the desktop and mobile apps in tandem make email easier to manage. For example, Mailbox for mobile now lets you “snooze” emails back to your desktop. Upon returning to your office, these emails will be waiting right at the top of your inbox. The apps also lets you snooze multiple emails until next week, or until you get back from vacation. My inbox is consistently smaller than it's ever been, even if only because archiving an email takes one swipe instead of two clicks.

But I’ll get to all that in a bit. First, a brief history lesson.