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Dr. Dre accepts Tim Cook's ice bucket challenge and nominates Eminem and Snoop next

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"I gotta admit, it was a little bit shocking."

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is presently sweeping the US has reached hip hop mogul Dr. Dre, courtesy of a challenge from his new employer, Apple CEO Tim Cook. When Cook took a reasonably sized bucket of ice over the head last week, he nominated Dre as one of the three people he wished to see either doing the same or donating $100 to the fight against ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Being the larger than life persona that he is, Dre's ice bucket is suitably oversized and delivered via a custom-built mechanism to ensure he's fully drenched. Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar were Dre's choices for the next episode of the Ice Bucket Challenge.