The time has come: Sign up to beta test The Verge’s new responsive design


Verge Responsive

We’ve been hinting at it for months, and working our asses off on it for months longer, and now we’re just weeks away from launching the responsive version of The Verge.

This is a 100% overhaul of The Verge to make every part of the site responsive. We’ve worked hard to make the site faster, while staying true to the visual language you’ve grown accustomed to with The Verge. Not only will the site render beautifully across all screen sizes, but it will be more efficient and less resource-intensive too.

What does responsive mean?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).


In short, one site for all devices. No more separate mobile-only version and no more obscured desktop design if your browser window isn’t at least 1,000 pixels wide.

Why do you need my help?

To ensure the new responsive Verge looks good and functions properly across a wide array of devices, we need to get the beta out of the lab and into the hands of our readers. We can test the code as much as we want, but the best way to tease out those final bugs is by having it used by real readers in the real world.

How to get into the beta

1. Comment on this post

If you want to join the beta, it’s simple: comment on this post. The first 50 users to respond directly to this post (not reply to someone else’s comment) will be entered in the first round of the beta. As long as you’re one of the first 50 users to comment and don’t break the community guidelines, you’re in. Update: We're adding way more than 50, now! We have 300+ users now signed up for the beta. Keep signing up, you'll get in soon!

2. Check your email

After we add you to the beta, you’ll get an email with instructions about how to get in, how to submit bug reports to us, and how to get out.

What about those after the first 50?

As we roll out bug fixes, we’ll be adding new users to the beta in batches of 50. We plan to deploy new fixes daily, sometimes more often. So if you didn’t make it into the first 50 comments, fear not, you’ll have another chance soon! We’ll send out an email as we add beta users with information on how to submit bugs.

Important note: Please add an email address to your account by going to your profile page and editing your account settings. If you don't have an email address on file, we can't reach you with the beta information and you won't be able to participate! Thanks for your help.