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Biohacking meets 'The O.C.' in this trailer for BitTorrent's sci-fi 'Children of the Machine'

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"I need it to be social. I need it to have friends. I mean if everyone at school's got this chip and I don't, how am I supposed to communicate?"

Last month we heard about BitTorrent's first foray into paid original content with the sci-fi series Children of the Machine, and now we've got our first glimpse of... something related to it. The nearly-six-minute clip, posted to CotM's Facebook page, tells the story of 14-year old Winona from September 2025. Winona's got a chip that lets you be cool in school and talk to people. It also supposedly tracks your whereabouts, but there's an app for that. Oh, and it also gets you high, which the kids those days are calling "jolting." What any of this has to do with her climbing trees and hanging out under a dock by the beach isn't clear. The pilot for Children of the Machine will be available for free this December, followed by seven more episodes if an estimated 250,000 users pay the reported $9.95 fee.