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Netflix now paying Time Warner Cable for faster speeds too

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Netflix is now paying Time Warner Cable in hopes of delivering better movie and TV streams to customers of both companies. The latest interconnection deal, first reported by Gigaom, means that Netflix has signed peering arrangements with the top four US broadband providers: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and Verizon. Netflix and Time Warner Cable initially reached their pact in June, and the cable operator — which is hoping to combine with Comcast pending regulatory approval — officially began putting the interconnection deal in place this month. Don't expect flawless streams immediately; as the other deals have shown, it takes time for ISPs to start providing Netflix the resources it says are necessary to avoid congestion and ensure your videos play without buffering or a drop in quality.

Even as it reaches these agreements, Netflix continues to argue that they shouldn't be necessary and go against the fundamental idea of net neutrality. Transit providers like Level 3 and Cogent have also gotten in the mix as many consumers continue to deal with slower-than-advertised speeds and lacking streaming performance when sitting down to watch Netflix. The FCC has said it's looking into these interconnection deals, while also making clear that it's not yet taking any regulatory action to stop or reverse them.