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Apple's latest ad shows people saving the world with the iPhone

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The "Powerful" series continues

Apple's "You're more powerful than you think" series of ads continues with a new one, dubbed "Dreams." While the first one featured the Pixies and creativity, the latest shows the iPhone's humanitarian uses. Doctors, veterinarians, environmentalists, and fireman all use the iPhone to make other people's lives better in this ad, to the tune of Jennifer O'Connor's "When I Grow Up." 9to5Mac has identified some of the apps and accessories features in the spot, including a Vaavud wind meter and the Response Deck app, and you can see a full list on Apple's site for the ad as well.

Apple's last ad in the series, "Parenthood," was more focused on health and home, but the whole series has a remarkable consistency: each tends to be about people you'd admire who just happen to use iPhones instead of being about the phones themselves.