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Kickstarter's infamous Potato Salad will be funded to the tune of $55,000

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Zack Danger Brown of Ohio took to Kickstarter a month ago with a humble goal in mind: he wanted $10 so he could make potato salad. He hadn't yet decided the specific ingredients beyond the potatoes, and he might never have, but his overt trolling of the most popular crowdfunding platform was picked up by the internet and rapidly overfunded hundreds of times over. The satire had turned to serious money by July 7th, when more than $30,000 had been pledged, and today the campaign completes with a final total of $55,492.

Brown says he'll use roughly $25,000 of that to fulfill the various stretch goals of his project before hosting a PotatoStock 2014 music festival in late September. Proceeds from concessions sold at the event, which will be free to attend, will then go to a local charity. The whole thing is still one big joke, but it's turning out to be doing more good than just making people chuckle.