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This 'Lawn Dude' is trying to get Californians to conserve water

This 'Lawn Dude' is trying to get Californians to conserve water

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Meet Lawn Dude. He's a spunky ball of green turf that hopes to get Californians to conserve water as the state struggles through a persistent three-year drought. And, really, what better way to rally Americans around a cause than an adorable mascot?

Lawn Dude is being plastered over billboards in Southern California, a region that has been particularly hard hit by the drought. "I only drink 2 days a week," reads one of the ads, which features a sunglasses-wearing Lawn Dude holding a martini. Another reads, "Don't hose me man!"

And, of course, Lawn Dude has a Twitter account too.

Those lush, green lawns are the focus of attention because irrigation is said to use up to half the water supply in some regions of southern California, reports The Wall Street Journal. And if a boozy green mascot isn't enough to get Californians to keep an eye on their water use, new regulations will.

Some regions limit homeowners to watering their lawns just twice per week. Other state-wide regulations passed this month let police officers hand down $500-a-day fines for washing sidewalks or driveways, or using a hose without a shut-off valve to wash your car. The state is hoping to drop water use by 20 percent ever since Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency in January of this year. Hopefully Lawn Dude can help spread the message.