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Thomas Edison was an Aquarius, born in the Week of Acceptance; Nikola Tesla was a Cancer, born in the Week of the Unconventional — no wonder the two godfathers of electricity never vibed on the same wavelength. They were working with shockingly different astrological energies — the stars had pre-wired the sires of sparks for a faulty relationship.

During a recent party at a friend’s home, I ran across a book that shook me as if I were a Magic Eight Ball: Gary Goldschneider and Joost Eiffers’ epic tome, The Secret Language of Relationships. A follow-up to the duo’s astounding The Secret Language of Birthdays, the book assigns every birthday a unique astrological "week" (for some divine reason, there are only 48 categories) and creates a matrix of relationships, revealing the fault lines between romantic, creative, familial, and business rapports.

Unmasking my friends’ relationships made for a fun, if very tense party game, but it also got me wondering. Tech is an industry plagued by disharmony. Could astrology help us understand tech’s greatest feuds, and maybe even help the feuders better understand themselves? I turned to The Verge’s science editor, Katie Drummond, for counsel. "Definitely," Drummond whispered, as if in a celestial trance. "Let’s make a Hackweek list."

If we seek harmony in an industry often marked by petty grievances and earthly trifles, we must look beyond the cloud — and look up towards the stars.