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Watch Jimmy Fallon kill Pierce Brosnan in N64 'GoldenEye' showdown

Watch Jimmy Fallon kill Pierce Brosnan in N64 'GoldenEye' showdown


Unarmed actor murdered in cold blood by TV show host

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Pierce Brosnan might have been the best Bond — even if he wasn't very pleased with his own performances — but he's certainly not the best at playing Bond. The actor appeared on The Tonight Show yesterday, whereupon host Jimmy Fallon took the chance to play Nintendo 64 video game GoldenEye 007 against the star of the movie GoldenEye. Sadly, Brosnan wasn't on his filmic form, spending all of the bout slapping at thin air while Fallon pumped him full of lead. To be fair to the actor, he has an excuse — the "power weapons" armament set is for scrubs. With Licence to Kill mode engaged and pistols only, it could have been a different story.

Fallon also missed the chance to ask Brosnan the question many GoldenEye players have been wondering for years: what exactly was happening to his mouth on the front of the game's box?