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AT&T now offers gigabit internet service in Apple's backyard

AT&T now offers gigabit internet service in Apple's backyard


AT&T beats Google to offer gigabit internet in Silicon Valley

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AT&T is the first broadband provider to offer gigabit home internet service in Silicon Valley. More specifically, the company announced that its U Verse service in Cupertino, California will support upload and download speeds of up to one gigabit, using all fiber technology in the near future. Cupertino is where Apple's headquarters are located, and it's not far from many other titans of the tech industry that call Silicon Valley home.

It's a little surprising that Google isn't the first company to bring gigabit service to Silicon Valley, as it was the first to offer the service in the US when it launched Google Fiber in Kansas City in July 2012. Since then, it has expanded to a handful of other cities, including Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia, but it's still not available in the nation's largest markets. AT&T announced earlier this year that it would offer gigabit service in 100 cities across the US, including 21 major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and Atlanta.

AT&T says that exact pricing and availability of the gigabit service in Cupertino will be revealed at a later date.