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AMC's 'Halt and Catch Fire' is getting a second season

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The struggling drama will have another chance to find an audience

Until recently, prospects weren't good for AMC's Halt and Catch Fire. The drama, about a group of misfits attempting to clone IBM computer technology in the 1980s, saw a dip in ratings, and renewal wasn't certain. But it appears AMC is willing to gamble on the series: the show has been renewed for a second season.

Halt and Catch Fire averaged 1.2 million viewers

"We have a history of demonstrating patience through the early seasons of new shows, betting on talent and building audience over time. We see that opportunity here and look forward to a second season," AMC president Charlie Collier said in a statement.

Halt and Catch Fire averaged 1.2 million viewers over the course of its first season, which you might compare to the 1.8 million average of last year's Low Winter Sun, an AMC series that was ignominiously canceled after one season. Critics, however, have been more charitable to HACF, and, anecdotally at least, it's picked up a more dedicated fan base. There may still be time for it to blossom in popularity.