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This Japanese music video is quite strange

This Japanese music video is quite strange

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This is a very weird music video. It starts out seeming like glitchcore, a bunch of 3D models rotating on what feels like a desktop. (Some of it seems to actually be photoshop?) From there, we pass lightly through a seapunk waterfall and into something genuinely unheard of, a kind of tunnel of pixely stock art, digital tatami floors and what appears to be a golden dolphin. The teens are calling it CADcore, a more aggressive variant of renderscape. Mostly, it's bewildering.

My theory is that all this is actually taking place inside the iMac that we see being smashed on the side of the road. Everything else is a hallucination of the now-broken machine, a massive system failure seen from the inside. Eventually, all the objects the computer has ever encountered are compiled into a Katamari Damacy-style snowball before the computer finally flickers off, leaving the video to end and the woman to dance into the distance as the lone survivor of the chaos depicted therein.