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A private military company is now providing security in Ferguson, for just one person

A private military company is now providing security in Ferguson, for just one person

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Scott Olson

A menagerie of armed state and federal agents have filtered in and out of Ferguson, Missouri for more than a week as unrest has grown there, and now even a private military company is joining the mix. Asymmetric Solutions, a PMC that claims to be "capable of deploying highly qualified former special operations personnel" to "anywhere on the globe in a moments notice" will be providing a security detail to an unnamed individual visiting Ferguson.

Asymmetric Solutions announced the job on Twitter, noting that the assignment is saddening and unexpected.

The company followed up on Facebook to clarify that its staff will be complimenting an outside security detail for an individual who is visiting Ferguson from another state. "Normally our security services group is needed only in the most high threat of environments," the company wrote. "We are saddened that they are required in this area." We asked the company to comment further on the detail and their client but were referred back to statements already made on Twitter.

It's not unusual for private individuals and firms to hire private security in the United States, but we haven't seen private military contractors, best known recently for their role in Iraq, operating many security missions at home. At least one media company operating in Ferguson already uses private security, but it's not the kind that advertises their deep bench strength of special ops soldiers. It could just be a strange sales pitch for domestic security, but even then a PMC seeing opportunity on US soil isn't very comforting. In any case, the subtext is clear: at least for this unnamed person, the government isn't enough to keep them safe at home.