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elementary OS "Freya" really a beta?


Maybe it`s just me. BUT...

The beta of one of the most expected relases of the year, the elementay OS 0.3 also named as Freya. (Former ISIS) is out and you can grab your own copy in

As any beta, is still bugged and under development so, is not suitable for production PC`s and you can`t say: HEY this is not working! as features and the whole system is still not mature.


It`s GREAT. It`s maybe the most stable linux BETA i have ever used.

It just works fast, and it does what you ask to do. CLEAN.

It looks just stunning, far from what Ubuntu is doing, and far from the look of Mint.

Many people called it a copy of OSx but it`s not truth. It`s a ubuntu derivated OS with is own style and ideas.

Is already on the Top 10 of distrowatch. Even without the freya stable relase. As Luna was really groundbreaking.

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