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This good-looking bracelet has a phone charger hidden inside

This good-looking bracelet has a phone charger hidden inside


The QBracelet gives your phone up to 60 percent more life

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Most wrist-bound devices are designed to take your hands and eyes off your phone, to allow you to use it less. But the QBracelet wants you to use it more — or at least longer. Inside the bracelet's clasp, there's either a Micro USB or Lightning connector, which Q Designs (the new company behind the bracelet) says will give you 60 percent more charge on your device. When you're in a pinch, just take off your bracelet and plug it in. The $99 ($79 if you pre-order) metal band comes in brushed and matte black, polished and matte silver, and polished gold, and to most people it won't look like much — at least not until you stick it into your cellphone.

Q Designs is but the latest company to try to find a little more utility in fashion. Its is a simple concept, really; just fill the bracelet's hollow spaces with battery cells and put a connector in the clasp. The QBracelet looks like a slightly more refined Jawbone Up, and in photos varies from understated to just the tiniest bit ostentatious depending on the color. And whenever it's docked into a phone, curling around the bottom as you hold it up to your ear, it looks kind of ridiculous. But Q Designs might be onto something here: maybe we don't need all our clothing and jewelry and infrastructure to be connected. Maybe just need them to help us keep using the things that are.

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