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We photoshopped the future

You have three words. Make them count.

Hello internet, it's me, T.C. You might remember me from such threads as "Steve Ballmer's Surprise Introductions Throughout History," or "Google Glass Throughout History," or "Ben Affleck is Sad Batman." In the spirit of Verge Hack Week, we're going to do things a little differently today: you're going to tell me what the future looks like, and I'll make it happen.

Here's how to participate

You can submit an idea for photoshopping in the comments below. Your idea must be exactly three things, no more, no fewer. (Objects or people that are described with more than one word are fine.) For example, maybe you think the future looks like: "Sergey Brin, dolphins, space." Great, because that's what I think the future looks like, too.

If I like your idea enough to make it an image, I'll let you know with a reply in the comments below. Then, I'll get to work. You can watch me do this live (!) by tuning into the Twitch stream embedded in this page. Images will be added to this story as they're completed.

This kicks off at 11AM ET and it'll go until you run out of ideas, or 4PM, whichever comes first. Let's go!


All done! Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas and watched live. You can see the final products below, and the suggestions that didn't make the cut in the comments.


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