'Sons of Anarchy' creator Kurt Sutter on set (Credit: Prashant Gupta, © 2014 FX Networks)

My fiancée and I have binge-watched a lot of TV over the course of our relationship. But we’ve rarely become as addicted to any show as we have Sons of Anarchy, the darkly hilarious, unflinchingly brutal, relentlessly entertaining series about an outlaw motorcycle club, now entering its seventh and final season (the final season premiere is Tuesday, September 9th at 10 PM EST on FX).

We’re hardly alone. SOA, as the faithful call it, is FX’s highest-rated show of all time, and one of the most popular programs on cable TV, period. It was created by Kurt Sutter, a 54-year-old former writer for another bygone acclaimed and violent series, The Shield. Sutter’s active social media presence and outspoken criticism of everything from the Emmy Awards to Google has earned him almost as much attention as his work on TV. But the thing is, while his scathing and profane comments often get him the most press, most of the public talks Sutter has given over the years reveal he’s an uncannily thoughtful, polite, and cool-headed individual.