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The Hollywood stars who should play your favorite tech executives

The Hollywood stars who should play your favorite tech executives


The hottest of Silicon Valley starring the hottest of Hollywood

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When a group of San Francisco residents unite to turn Silicon Valley into a locally run farmers market, tech titans Steve Ballmer, Marissa Mayer, Tim Cook, and Larry Page must put their differences aside in order save their beloved town. However, in northern California, there's always more than meets the code.

Technology: The Movie is a pulse-stopping, mind-bending political thriller that will have you asking, "Why am I watching this?"

Michael Chiklis as Steve Ballmer

Amy Ryan as Marissa Mayer

Terry O'Quinn as Jeff Bezos

Jimmy Fallon as Larry Page

Mickey Rourke as Larry Ellison

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Elon Musk

Larry Wilmore as Satya Nadella

Richard E. Grant as John Legere

Anderson Cooper as Tim Cook

Young Ben Stiller as Sergey Brin

Technology: Movie Poster

(No, Technology: The Movie isn't a real film. Yet.)