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'Minority Report' TV series reportedly in development from Steven Spielberg

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Steven Spielberg is trying to bring back Minority Reportaccording to The Wrap and Deadline. The director is reportedly working to turn his classic sci-fi film into a television show, which would be produced by his company Amblin Entertainment. Amblin is reportedly looking toward Max Borenstein, writer of this year's Godzilla, to write and create the series — it isn't clear if Borenstein has signed on just yet, but he has been thanking people who congratulate him on Twitter. While The Wrap suggests that a major actor would be considered to lead the show, Deadline notes that the project is at the "very early stages of development," with the pitch process likely starting tomorrow.

It's easy to see how Minority Report could make for a great TV premise. The film, which focuses on a law enforcement unit that uses premonition to stop "murderers" before they can commit their crime, is at its core a crime story — and there's no shortage of successes for those on TV. It's clearly quite early in the show's development, so, should it get made, it's not said whether it would take a monster-of-the-week format or work as more of an overarching drama, which its story might lend to. Either way, it's a shot at bringing some good sci-fi to TV.