Speculate Please! Will My Nexus 4 Get Android L?


Nexus 4

So I've already seen L running on the Nexus 4 thanks to some ROM hacking, but what I want to know is will Google officially update the 4 to L? It seems like a no-brainer and that they would for sure, until you remember that last year when KitKat hit they let unfortunate Galaxy Nexus users know they were out of luck. Speculation was that the obsolescence was due to the OMAP architecture - it wasn't worth the effort to update. Google's statement, however, was that they would support devices up to two years. The Nexus 4 is going to be out of that two year window this fall.

So, am I going to be left behind even though my 4 is still going strong? Cyanogenmod and the other dev communities will surely step up and make sure I can get L goodness (my wife's Galaxy Nexus is running 4.4.4 thanks to CM). Still, it's a bit disappointing if I don't get an official update.

I'm looking for baseless speculation, opinion and conjecture, but if you have a fact or two, I'll allow it . . .