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These are the 23 most viral cats of all time

These are the 23 most viral cats of all time


Viral in the Internet way, not the illness way...

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Katie Drummond: cat lover since 1986, human cat companion since 1992.

Carl Franzen: cat lover since 1987, human cat companion since 2012 (it would have been sooner, but his dad was "allergic").

Trust us. We know cats.

We know the soft touch of whiskers on a cheek in the wee morning hours. The faint patter of four feet hastening to the kitchen for a scattering of treats. The musky aroma of a litter box, overflown. As longtime cat companions and parents, these are but three of our favorite attributes of the feline persuasion. And so it should come as no surprise that, when Carl and I have a moment to spare from our non-stop workdays (we're journalists), we spend that time exploring the expansive world where cats reign supreme. "I love cats," Carl said earlier today as he nibbled a tortilla chip. "Love them."

And what better way to celebrate our love than with a timeline tribute to some of the world's most wonderful cats. Without further ado, we present: Katie and Carl's favorite viral cats through history.