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Apple's two iPhone 6 models shown off in another possible Foxconn leak

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Supposedly leaked shots from within Foxconn detail specific dimensions.

Just like last year's iPhone 5S and 5C, there have been numerous parts floating around that may or may not be (but probably are) the iPhone 6. The latest comes from French Apple blog iGen, which has posted shots of what appears to the two new iPhone 6 variations, right next to last year's iPhone 5S. Those are depicted as engineering prototypes on what iGen claims is Foxconn's internal software, thanks to one of its sources.

The two key takeaways:

  • It looks like the camera in both iPhone 6 models might jut out, similar to on Apple's iPod touch, instead of being flush like every other iPhone model so far. This was already a detail that's cropped up, but the photos suggest there could be a bit more pronounced on the smaller of the two models.
  • The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model (or N61) is 138mm long, 67mm wide, and 6.9mm thick. By comparison, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 (or N56) is 158mm long, 77.12 to 77.79mm wide, between 7 and 7.1mm thick, and either 168.5 or 184.7 grams. The variations in those numbers depends on which of the two versions ends up being used.

iPhone 6 - 1 (iGen)

As MacRumors points out, these shots are a fuller view of one that was published by Taiwanese Apple blog Apple Club earlier this week, which also depicted the protruding camera lens. This newer batch adds the dimensions, weight, and a side-by-side cosmetic comparison. These also different from the ones that popped up back in March, and were also allegedly from inside Foxconn, the company Apple uses for manufacturing.

Apple's expected to announce the iPhone 6 at an event on September 9th. A report from The Wall Street Journal last month claimed that Apple's planning to build 70 to 80 million of the phones in times for the holidays in its largest order yet. Though according to newer piece from Reuters today, those plans could be stymied following a last-minute decision by Apple to change how it backlights the screen on the smaller of the two new models.