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Facebook and Twitter are invading Emmys to record celebrity reactions

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It seems social media behemoths Facebook and Twitter aren't content with just letting celebrities post tweets and updates naturally over the course of the Emmys tomorrow night. Instead, both companies are working with marketing agencies to bring an enhanced social media experience to the show.

Facebook will give Access Hollywood host Billy Bush a goofily large tablet while he roams the red carpet before the show. He'll then pass the walking billboard over to celebrities for them to post video responses to fan questions. It's called the Facebook "Mentions Box," and as if that weren't bad enough, celebrities will have to shake the tablet like a Magic 8-Ball before answering any questions, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Twitter is getting in on the party as well. A Twitter-branded zipline camera will swoop over the red carpet tomorrow night, and the footage will be beamed to NBC's Twitter account. The company has also dubbed Marietta Sirleaf from the NBC show Parks and Recreation official live-tweet corespondent. That's not all: according to Variety, there will be a Twitter GIF booth backstage that will post celebrities' reactions online. There will also be something called a Vine "360-Station" during NBC's Today show to capture even more #celebritymoments.