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LG to sell world's first 4K OLED TVs next month for over $11,000

LG to sell world's first 4K OLED TVs next month for over $11,000


Pre-orders start in South Korea this week

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LG is continuing to push OLED TV technology with the announcement that it'll be the first company in the world to ship 4K models. 65-inch and 77-inch 4K OLED sets will be available for pre-order in South Korea this week; the Associated Press reports that the smaller model will retail for 12 million won ($11,766) and ship in September, but it's unclear when the larger set will go on sale or for how much. The TVs run on LG's relaunched webOS platform.

OLED technology, which promises images with higher contrast and deeper blacks than LCD and even plasma sets, has taken a long time to make a splash in the mainstream TV industry. 4K OLED TVs were first announced and shown off by Sony and Panasonic at CES 2013, but LG is now the first to commercialize such a panel. Earlier this month, LG announced a relatively affordable ($3,500) 55-inch 1080p OLED model for the US market, which is probably a better bet for most people until the 4K content situation improves.

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